Empress Armour Collection

Empress- name given in gesture for a woman of poise and respect, origin name from the Caribbean.

Culture can express itself through threads and knots in the EA Collection. Made with love, Empress Amour gives you spiritual protection, new armour to wear with pride after removing the wounded armour.

This collection has a theatrical flare to it with its flow and drape, giving the wearer a certain stillness of beauty. These designs are now being directed towards movement and putting on another 'character'.

These deigns are available to purchase or rent over a period of time. Depending on the project (from a photoshoot for a week to a production tour for 6 months) I have the flexibility to book the items out to you along with a return slip paid for by me, so you're able to return the item safely.

To Book/Rent your selection of the Empress Armour collection please send me direct email: hepburnscrafts@outlook.com 

With the email please include the listed items you wish to rent and please give the date from and until and I shall come back to you with an invoice

I look forward to seeing my collection in your theatre/film/photoshoot productions 

Amy, creator of Empress Armour (2023)



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