Creative Designer

Creator of EMPRESS ARMOUR, Macramé Clothing Capes & Collars

Maker of Silver Wrapped Sea glass Necklaces

Creating handmade Macramé Homewares, Accessories & Clothing using 100% Recycled Cotton Materials as well as locally source & world found Sea glass wrapped in silver and created into beautiful necklaces


Empress Armour Cape in Avocado on Model & Yoga Teacher, Anna
Empress Jewels

Empress Jewels

Hand wrapped Sea glass and Crystals to guard our inner being, heart... 

About Hepburn’s Crafts

Hepburn’s Crafts is a one woman led business, making handmade Macramé Homewares, Accessories & Clothing founded by Amy Hepburn in 2017 & relaunched in 2019.

Since creating a Macramé Clothing range, EMPRESS ARMOUR in 2023, this has lead me as a creator to find other creative outlets such as Silver Wire Wrapping beautiful local and world found pieces of Sea glass

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Home Decor

Home Decor

Here is a collection of my Macramé Home Decor such as Plant... 

Empress Armour Collection

Empress Armour Collection

EMPRESS ARMOUR Cutting and stripping away our rustic spiritual armour, where we’ve... 

  • EMPRESS ARMOUR Collaboration

    I have taken part in such an exciting collaboration with 4 other woman ran businesses and I am so so excited to see the final photos!

    To see updates and Behind the Scenes shots, go over and follow me on my Instagram!


    Empress Armour Collaboration 
  • Where to find me!

    I am so lucky to have my Macramé Plant Hangers in x2 plant shops 8n Brighton!

    HiCacti (Seven Dials, Brighton- Photo of the inside of the shop)

    I am also stocked at Rooted & Co in Brighton Open Market! So if you’re needing a hanger for your plant baby & you’re local to Brighton, pop to your local plant shops!

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